Blog 21Aug2017

Time Travel OBE #1000

Research by Alan Arqueza

Updated: 1028am PDT 24 August 2017

Today and yesterday the idea of becoming a millionaire inspired my imagination to reality.

The fastest way to be there is from the dream consciousness.

I thought of the technique of a lucid dream transitioning to an OBE from watching beautiful Japanese television commercials from the 1980s from various YouTube channels. The 30-day technique of sleeping by pre-visualizing with feelings of love will make the dream consciousness experience more frequent at will. I focused my mind to sense my past memories do not exist ( I thought of this just now ). The gravity from the bed does not exist. My name is not my name. My memory and my present time is the timeline from television commercial.

The most important concept from the technique I learned is the quality of sound from the Japanese television commercials of the 1980s era. The special effect sounds of digitized chimes evokes a calm and peaceful aura. The smile from the beautiful actresses in the commercial is from an advanced utopian civilization. I sense the commercial video (CM) is from the futuristic era broadcasted from an advanced civilization from the Intergalactic City of Tokyo light years from our galaxy. The motion graphics from the television commercial brand names of Panasonic, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, NTT Docomo, Sanyo, NEC, and Sansui makes the viewer experience futuristic. They are people light years beyond our galaxy.

The utopian happiness and the smile from the people in the commercials of the bubble economy era of Tokyo citizens makes me imagine everyone is happy and everything is provided free from a utopian society. The best in design and state-of-the-art is voted upon in a global consensus decision-making before being offered for consumers - futuristic architecture and fashion. The commercials were not produced from Japan from planet Earth. The commercials were produced and conceived from Intergalactic Tokyo light years from our galaxy.

Note: Densha Otoko shows a UFO flying saucer