Teleportation: Dream Of Tokyo

25 April 2017 updated 03:15UTC

Research by Alan Arqueza

This post is related to my dream teleportation project idea of teleporting my consciousness in a lucid dream. The concept is the paranormal phenomenon of remote viewing in a dream in real-time, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP). This morning my experience of a 4K virtual tour of the subway station is from YouTube TokyoStreetView in Shinjuku. I will be using an EEG recorder to monitor my REM sleep after watching the virtual tour. The video is interesting if you watch immediately after the moment you wake-up in the morning - it may inspire your memory and dream frequency experience in Shinjuku. If you are looking for a video to input into your dream consciousness this video may make the dream teleportation transition in the dream and out-of-body experience more frequent. Watch the video more than 3 times per day and repeat the mantra "Is this a dream? This is not a dream". This specific video presents a synchronicity of Tokyo citizens in which the cinematic camera movements are dream-like and pleasant to walk-through. Watch actively by scanning the outer area of the video frame looking right to left and then center.

Dream OBE Technique: Preview and previsualize from memory flying from the stratosphere to Shinjuku from Google Earth before the dream inception. When you experience entering into sleep or a dream remind yourself to previsualize Japan from the stratosphere and see yourself hovering above the planet Earth. Glide toward Japan and you will find the heart-shape land region the Meiji Jingu shinto shrine. There you will find it easier to navigate from the sky to find Shibuya and Shinjuku from Google Earth satellite image. Zoom-out from the link to see the planet Earth above Shinjuku Station. The out of body experience techniques are posted at YouTube from LucidDreamTricks.

Watching the video reminds me how interested I am in the history of contemporary Japanese architecture. I am happy to learn of the new online lecture and course from edX The University Of Tokyo: Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory.

I am amazed by the immaculate design and modernization of the subway signage, lighting and the immaculate fashion of Tokyo citizens in the Shinjuku video. I learned of the history of Japan and architecture from Tokyo University at edx. From my research in dreams I may experience Tokyo from 48 hours into the future including visiting the year 8000 in Tokyo via dream teleportation. I believe this may be possible after learning about consciousness teleportation of Paul Amadeus Dienach to the future year 3906 from a coma in the year 1922.

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