Technique Year 8009 Dream Calendar

15 May 2017 updated 05:25UTC

Research by Alan Arqueza

This post includes my knowledge of telecommunication technologies and its progress.

This morning the ample space in my residential computer dream research station had to be modified to accomodate exercise gym equipment. Moved my computer desk to the other side of the room. I reinstalled the sky cameras using a flat Ethernet cable I bought from Amazon. The Ethernet wire color is light pink for the dream telepathy intranet workstations and blue for internet telecommunication networks.

Interesting to note an article posted on a popular consumer electronics commercial website mentions out of body exploration using Google Earth. Perhaps the tweets from Dream Light Years inspired the article update for consumer electronics. The image posted in this mornings update at illustrates my current customized desktop using a multi-screen display from the tabs in Google Chrome on an Apple iMac desktop computer. The image of the Death Star from the movie Star Wars (1977) is my desktop background. It represents a reminder for dream inception and is what I believe may be the scientific explanation for the possible megastructure dyson sphere from a remote viewing experience from the makers of the 1977 movie Star Wars conceived in the year 1974. Evidence of paranormal perception relating to the Ocean X Team discovery in 2011 of a Millenium Falcon shaped object submerged in the depths of the Baltic Sea. This is inspires me to believe the megastructure of the Death Star is a world from an advanced civilization closely representing the unprecedented unexplained scientific celestial event of F-type main-sequence star KIC 8462852, at approximately 1276 light years.

This morning is my first time to multi-task while watching the NASA Live web cam broadcasting from the orbit of the International Space Station. Thanks to Microsoft Windows and the Apple iMac our advances in Internet real-time global telecommunication is possible. (Our world is no longer in the 1980s. Although the Internet in France started for the public in 1992 via Minitel. Hawaii did have the Internet in June 1971 for Oahu and other Hawaiian islands for ALOHA network including being the first to have WiFi in 1985 before the Internet became popular in mid 2000s.)

A new idea to inspire dream inception of a 2-kilometer triangle spacecraft is daily writing on a desktop computer while watching the NASA web cam simutaneously with the Internet sky cameras from our research network. Actively watching a live NASA daily video of Earth orbit may inspire the realism in out of body exploration. See Dream Exoplanet for more lucid dream ideas at for dream inception audio.

The sunlight from the early morning is beautiful in the room. I had to return to sleep using the sound of binaural audio from Hemi-Sync Exploring Our Future by Lee Stone. From the audio one is instructed to hover above planet Earth to travel 5-50 years into the future by observing how the continents haved changed over time. This is an intriguing technique. My experience and technique of an OBE was a month before buying the CD from Hemi-Sync - the month when I posted my OBE project Tokyo Shibuya 109 at wordpress in 2010. From my dream project Tokyo Intergalactic City using Google Earth to reference from the stratosphere, I experienced myself from the dream consciousness entering complete darkness when the tactile sensation of a strong wind and static is present through out my dream body. I learned how to travel to the future from emulating the technique of Neo from movie Matrix by closing my eyes while hovering and bending backward looking skyward. I experience seeing a blur of everything in fast-forward akin to video. I hear a loud high-pitched tone while I am overwhelmed in static and wind. The experience only happened once in the year 2011. I found myself hovering above what seemed to be the white inteior of an intergalactic shopping center café. There were over 300 white chairs among the white tables. There were at most three people present in the café. The café had a ceiling height of a 747 aircraft hangar bay. Interestingly the white interior of the cafeteria in the movie Passengers appears similar to my dream. How was that possible when my dream experienced is from 2011? It may be possible my dream experience could be from the dream imagination. I wonder if bilocation occurs when I dream?

Yesterday and Friday evening I watched the live video broadcast of the celebration of 20th century apparition encounter of Virgin Mary from Lourdes, France at YouTube. The broadcast interested my research relating to the Phoenix lights of 13 March 1997. Perhaps the encounter of the person who appears to be the biblical Virgin Mary may be an actual intergalactic traveler visitng our planet using a holographic projection for telecommunication. Is the encounter of the Marian apparition a pre-recorded artificial intelligent digital recreation or an actual immortal? My belief is the apparition is a person from an advanced civilization. This morning while writing this post the day after the 100th anniversary YouTube broadcast celebrating the second reported encounter of 13 May 1917 of the marian apparition Our Lady of Fátima at the Cova da Iria, I am reminded of me of my project relating to the event of French language from the Virgin Mary apparition changing her spoken languageß to English from the e-book by remote viewer Ingo Swann.

Could remote viewing from a dream in real-time be accomplished? This inspired my research to incorporate French for the random number generator announcer for dream inception. The concept of the random number generator was inspired from Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research on the topic of global consciousness and remote viewing protocols in paranormal research from the government Stargate project of the 1970s from the United States Of America.

Dream OBE Future Time Travel Technique: Use a computer to announce the time at 15 minute intervals stating the time of day and time elapsed from the REM dream using an EEG sensor. The audio for the dream using headphones or external speakers with female American English voice-over time announcer Ava in Apple iMac. Make a Raspberry Pi computer version of Ava to announce the time every 6 minutes in REM sleep in the dream. The French female voice-over will also announce a random number from a random number generator. The computer announces the proposed year 8009 and a random fictious calendar date and time to validate or send the dream consciousness thousands of years into the future.

Dream Experiment Concept 2017515:   Alan Arqueza

The following video is from NASA from the 1970 Space Colonization Stanford Tourus of a space colony to be built before the year 2000. The Stanford tourus made from solar stations.

Source: YouTube PDVideo3

My desktop multi-view

photo: My desktop top in multi-view using Google Chrome on Apple iMac (Full resolution)