Memory Apports Of Objects Reappearing

Research by Alan Arqueza

23:16UTC   16 April 2017

This post is from my experience of finding lost items that I was certain were not there. Could this be related to a closed time like curve event (CTC) or time travel?

It is common knowledge to believe misplaced items are events inferred from our lapse of memory. Scientifically in some instances these reoccurring of events may be not be memory related. Perhaps objects that are not found and appear when we look for them hours afterward may be related to a distortion in space-time.

Have you experienced objects appearing to be missing are later found at the location that you verified was not there? From a physicists point of view could the event be related to the concept from the year 1803 of Young's double-slit interferometer explaining wave theory of light, evidence of a glitch in the error-correction code theorized by theoritical physicist James Gate of University Of Maryland, Department Of Physics from the simulation hypothesis theory, or paradox theory from changing an event in history from a closed time like curve (CTC). Could it be a natural form of hiding time or cloaking from nature and not a time travel technology or an echo from relaying a response from an e-mail message from my future self in a parallel universe, and not relating to a similar technology from temporal cloaking from Cornell University in 2011. Perhaps objects disappearing is the phenomenon of poltergeist activity relating to our subconscious thoughts.

This morning after the rain at 9:15 the ADT alarm control panel mysteriously displayed the message prompt for a secured room that is prompting the area is unlocked when it is locked. I have reasoned to believe ADT may have created an electronic module that can sense psychic or paranormal phenomenon. This electronic event occured multiple times on a monthly basis. The moment I think in my mind with the thought the door is completely locked and subsequently look directly at the locking mechanism, I walk a few steps toward the ADT control panel and immediately see the text scrolling displaying the name of the sector I happen to be thinking about. When I repeat the thought in my mind the display does not repeat. At first I thought I may have been mistaken about the sector being locked. I reverify by looking at the area in question. It is locked, I can see it from my location. I watch the words scrolling from the ADT control panel. The words are not on the display. I am perplexed. This has happened multiple times every month. I decided to keep a written log of the time and date of the event in question. What is intriguing about the electronic error is that it happened last night with another user while I was working updating the code for my webpage.

Hours earlier at 3:45pm 15 April 2017 (yesterday) a puzzle piece that I had believed to be not included in the box appeared among the group of pieces I had verified the day before had definitively not been there. It was impossible for the puzzle piece to be there on the table. This could not have been a lapse in my memory. Could the disappearing object from my experience be related to a variant of entropy?

In the year 2012 a team led by Alexander Gaeta, an optical physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, built the first working temporal cloak by manipulating laser pulse. Could we hide time? The video Can We Hide Time? is from Science Channel Through The Wormhole .

Could my experience be related to materialization? If you are interested in reading scientific research of paranormal events relating to materialization you may buy the book from my Amazon Affiliate link and I will receive 4%-8.5% from the sale at Amazon. I learned about the Gold Leaf Lady from New Thinking Allowed at YouTube. Researcher Stephen E. Baude explains events of materialization in The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations Kindle Edition by Stephen E. Braude (Kindle e-book).

The following YouTube video is The Scole Experiments of a scientist at a séance (group communication with the spirit world) witnessing apported objects. The event baffled the scientist who witnessed the materialization and dematerialization of a quartz crystal. How is it 'transparent'?

See video forwarded at time code 1:18:10 at:

Disappearing objects relates to scientific theory of error codes in simulated reality...
-- Alan Arqueza

Could disappearing objects simply be related to a computer glitch relating to the simulation theory of the world we exist in? I believe my secondary theory of objects disappearing may be related to a computer error of the holographic universe. Scientist believe we live in a computer simulation - simulated reality --wikipedia. Theoritical physicist James Gates of University Maryland, Department Of Physics explains how error correction codes from the universe could explain my theory of objects reappearing or rematerializing after we thought it was our lapse of memory. Could our world be a computer simulation like the movie Matrix (1999) - [Amazon Affiliate link - streaming movie $3.99]