Time-Slip Research Project

Updated Fri Sep 08 15:14:28 2017 UTC

Research by Alan Arqueza

This post includes my knowledge of paranormal time-slip research from the PDF at Para.Science from England and YouTube channels.

I learned of time-slips reported by people from France, England and California from YouTube. This inspired my research how quartz or sandstone creates a time portal into the past era of the 1960s including up to the year 1800. I am also reminded of Bruce Gernon experiencing time travel entering a vortex tunnel formed from electronic fog over skies of the Bermuda in the year 1971 over Bimini island.

This morning the first project I worked on is learning computer programming from DataQuest.io to be employed for Data Scientist employment. I listened to Brain FM "Focus" using AudioTechnica ATH-M30x headphones at 4:30am in California. My inspiration relates to my research for dream telepathy and time-slips from nature. I will be researching how light from nature may reveal events of time-distortion coinciding with fog and unexplained paranormal events when and if they can be recorded monitoring variants in temperature, barometeric pressure, lighting, magnetic fields, sound, spectrometery digital imaging, frozen water crystals, clouds, apparitions and near-infrared imaging.

Video explaination from Quantum Made Simple (tout est quantique - French).

Bose-Einstein condensate from macroscopic quantum phenomena (wikipedia) inspired my research in unexplained phenomenon and advanced nanotechnologies from the book by Wil McCarthy about programmable atoms (my Amazon affiliate link). I learn of the website Quantum Made Simple from researching Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) at Wikipedia. I bought the book in 2015 researching the Phoenix Lights encounter of 13 March 1997. I will definitely continue recording the night skies for the Phoenix Lights triangle UFO in California.

My electronics kit
Photo: My electronics kit over the years since 2014.
My electronics kit
Photo: Proximity motion sensor to use for researching time-slips to the year 1980s if possible. It emits infrared. PIR might sense a dream spirit (OBE).

This video is from last year from my first time installing and configuring Particle PHOTON for future dream telepathy research and scientific data monitoring for remote telemetry.

Particle Photon Install Over USB from alan arqueza on Vimeo.