From Alan Arqueza

Spring Semester 2017 Planning Neural Network

Consciousness Teleportation

Research continues in dream telepathy to exoplanet TRAPPIST-1 and KIC8462852, Gliese526.

Scientific Research from Alan Arqueza.

Message Reply Reception: Lone Signal from Alan Arqueza to Michelle Chen interstellar broadcast to exoplanet Gliese526 recorded 27 August 2013 15:54 at 17.6 light-years.

Scientific Research Telemetronics

Note: The webpage theme is updated with a dimmer dark blue background color. Make written notes offline in a pink Kokuyo Campus B5 Notebook before entering into sleep in the dream in real-time. Initiate dream telepathy research. Installed software Flux at https://justgetflux.com/ for all computers and smart phones. Telescopes monitoring star system in relation to dream sequence. Identification badge and dream telepathy uniforms. Star Trek accepted.

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