Electromagnetic Sensor for Unexplained Sound Phenomenon

10DEC2016 |  Posted by Alan Arqueza

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The technology of magnetic sensors inspired me today and it is my first time to configure a Hall effect sensor to Arduino using the available code referred by Adafruit forum. The video above is the Arduino UNO microcontroller connected to the Hall effect sensor US5881LUA (Unipolar Hall Switch – Low Sensitivity) by Melexis purchased from Adafruit.com.

The sky above the Guidecoq house was without stars...

17 January 1871 source: - The Great Apparitions of Mary: An Examination of Twenty-Two Supranormal Appearances (e-book Amazon).

I always wondered about the distance of stars in the galaxy. The past few months the sound of a sonic boom occurs at least once every month. Could the experience be a result from a dream? Special thanks to Adafruit.com for the electronics tutorials and Guy Kawasaki blog AllTop.com on the topic of making a UFO detector, the presence of an electromagnetic field can be recorded. The technology is a magnetic transducer - the Hall effect sensor. My new project #EMF2016-1 for Internet of Things will be to record data privately on a daily schedule whereby real-time telemetry notification updates will record events and signal a plausible "electromagnetic propulsion system" of advanced aerial spacecraft. Inspiration from the project resulted from the 13 March 1997 mile-wide triangle aerial craft that blocked out starlight above the skies of Arizona witnessed by an estimated population of 10,000 citizens - The Phoenix Lights encounter.

For more information read http://www.thephoenixlights.net.

In the month of October I have been reading about remote viewing. Surprisingly I learned of the apparition experience from 19th century France, from my new reading of an e-book I purchased from Amazon - The Great Apparitions of Mary: An Examination of Twenty-Two Supranormal Appearances - author by remote viewer Ingo Swann. I made a comparison how the documented event from France demonstrates what I believe may be advances in telecommunication telemetry technology or could be evidence of extraterrestrial explorers witnessed from children encountering the Virgin Mary apparition from the year 1871. Above the Guidecoq residence in Pontmain, France one of the children first noticed an area of the night sky without stars. This event appears to be similar to the Phoenix Light encounter when a mile-wide triangle aerial craft blocked out the star light night skies of Arizona in the year 1997.

Keeping in mind the invention of the motion picture camera first made its public appearance in America in the year 1878 by British photographer Eadweard Muybridge sponsored by Leland Stanford. The problem with the motion picture projection hypothesis is only the children can see the apparation and not the adults. Is this a holographic video projection visible from a specific angle of view based on the height of the witness? Or could it explain how EEG brain wave patterns differ from children and adults could be utilized in telecommunications technology selectively choosing whom to send a visual message to?

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