Dream 10APR2017: People In Dreams

Research by Alan Arqueza

updated 4:57UTC   10 April 2017

This morning is my second dream encounter in 2017 to see a young woman looking at me from the dream at the moment I am waking up from the dream. What intrigues me about this returning dream I sense is an intended dream telepathy encounter.

Dream Visual 20170410: I am inside the new Academy Of Art University building, although it looks old it is among their newer buildings not there in 1997. I am conversing with art students whom are majoring in different specialities while they are working on their individual art projects. After our conversations finish and the students continue on their projects, I decide to explore the many room modules in the building. The interior height of all the rooms are 6 meters with pure white walls and bright ambient window lighting. I find a hidden 300cm tall white wall-size door leading to the photo laboratory where 3 students are working on their photographs. I sense the door was not a secret to the students. I remember talking to colleagues before entering the hidden room telling them I am thinking of returning to the Academy. They are all excited about me. Interestingly before entering the university building I was inquiring about enlisting in the Navy in the dream and I was late for registering.

I am outside of Academy of Art University and a lady with a lugguage on wheels walks by my left. It is a bright sunny day. I notice a European woman with medium short hair who is 165cm tall, standing with her arms crossed leaning on the building wall waiting. She is looking at me and she is wearing an elegant haute-couture light colored grey dress made from a short skirt. We are looking at each other for at least 6 seconds. The dream concludes.

Dream Time: Awake 6:48am PDT 10 April 2017

The following YouTube video is not about dreams. It is the paranormal phenomenon of Out-of-body exploration related to teleportation of the dream consciousness in real-time. I believe some of my dreams are a form of OBE from the consciousness relating to shared dreaming or dream telepathy. My first OBE happened from exhaustion when I was a new student during my first semester at the Academy Of Art College in the Spring of 1990. From the dream, I realized I could not wake up from my sleep. I was frightened thinking I died in my bed. I was floating 100cm above my sleeping body. I could feel what seems like 'electricity' or vibrating atoms over my entire body while I am hovering 100cm above my sleeping body. I noticed glowing are my hands and a floating umbilical cord connected to me is scintllating and is transparent with what looks like atoms in motion like the static from a television screen. The lighting in the room was glowing in amber gold.

I am posting the video to remind myself to practice the techniques of OBE for real-time teleportation into the future.

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