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Merchandise on this page of Time Travelß (beta) represents a culmination of consumer merchandise and technology bought from me Alan Arqueza the sole owner of ARQUEZA.NET, and my colleagues from California. The products are from the years 1977, 1980s, 1990s and 2000-2006. The items are for sale at ebay from seller IntergalacticTechnology and from ARQUEZA.net via Amazon per request. This time travel auction will update on the 6th day of the month. Refresh the internet browser if the page is not updated on the 6th day when visiting this page. Currently this solar powered webpage is hosted at AISO.net without SSL 1.2 TLS encryption.

Wireless Bandwith: Full size images are 5 megapixels each. Click on the image to view in full resolution.

Auction merchandise sold on EBAY from IntergalacticTechnology will fund 10%-20% of revenue for White Dwarf Research Corporation, The Pale Blue Dot project for scientific funding and public education.

Darth Vader - Star Wars badge 1977

YEAR 1977

TBA Ebay Auction: $26000

Posted: TBA June 2017

Product: Darth Vader - Star Wars badge memorabilia.

MEMO: I bought this badge at the department store Mervyn's in the toy department in the year 1977. T-shirts were sold at the clothing department. The badges were of all the characters from the movie Star Wars by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. The badges were randomly in an open container without being individually boxed.

Microsoft XBOX 360 Lanyard - promotion item

YEAR 2005

TBA Ebay Auction: $9999

Posted: TBA June 2017

Product: Lanyard from job fair convention. Promoting the video game console XBOX360 by Microsoft -the maker of the world-wide popular computer networking software Windows NT and Windows 3.1 used for business, government, education and consumer home use for wordprocessing and Internet.

MEMO: Colleague owned

Painting of beach sunset.

YEAR 1980s

Price: $800,000

Posted: TBA August 2017

Painting bought in Northern California.

Calendar 2001 Sailor Moon

YEAR 1992

Ebay Auction Price: $48 USD

Posted: 2 June 2017

Product: Sailor Moon 2001 Calendar. Sailor Moon first aired in Japan on TV Asahi from March 7, 1992 to February 8, 1997 before being dubbed into various countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

MEMO: Colleague owned. I watched episodes of Sailor Moon anime on television in California dubbed in English language. The color styling of the architecture of the shopping boutiques and residences from the city in the animated story is a fun experience to watch and blissful.

Plastic pyramid alarm clock - Made in China

YEAR 2014 Circa

Ebay Buy Now: $475

Posted: 2 June 2017

Product: Triangle Clock - Plastic. 7 inches wide by 5 inches height. Made in China. 2 AA batteries. Alarm clock.

MEMO: Realtor owned. The item was originally a mail order catalog free gift.

YEAR 1980s

Ebay Buy Now: $175

Posted: 2 June 2017



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