Summer Time

My projects and thoughts of the day.

Quantum Physics: Myself Sending Messages To Future Time Travellers

Inspired from watching a documentary on the scientific theories of time leads me to believe that I experienced time travel from the future and into the past era. Often from a dream I receive an unfamiliar word spoken to me the moment I am waking up from sleep. I encounter the word later in the day or within 3 days that somehow relates to me knowing my future self. I decided to begin today by leaving messages in twitter to future time travelers including my future self who may exists from a parallel universe. It may be possible that my future self has experienced warp space-time travel to the Year 8000 at a research station in Silicon Valley. This could explain why I am receiving encrypted messages from the future in my dreams. This could explain why Leonardo Da Vinci painted the mirror image making twins of Angel Gabriel pointing to an exoplanet in the Annunciation painting.

Making A New E-mail Address

My e-mail address will be a random array of alphanumeric characters. I decided to use a computer to generate the random array using the online UUID generator. I remember seeing this type of e-mail address from a friend using NTT Docomo phone e-mail in 1999. I do not know how to forward e-mail with a specified subject title to a new e-mail address. I will be using a new e-mail address using the encrypted Hushmail that enables non-Hushmail e-mail recipients to read messages from a private encrypted link within the Hushmail ecosystem. When I receive an e-mail alert via mobile phone alert I will know the message is not SPAM.

AT&T U-Verse Phone Busy Signal Feature

Yesterday I was trying to remember the AT&T U-Verse Voice calling features. I forgot the codes for voice mail and guessed an array of number combinations using the * and # on the dial pad. Each code I guessed correctly was accompanied by a prerecorded phone attendant describing the feature that was momentarily activated. Today I realized my phone was sending a busy signal to all callers. I was impressed by the available U-Verse Voice calling features and remembered from 1999 when I called Kazue her phone seemed to be always busy. This morning I learned of all the calling features from ATT U-Verse Voice online thinking of my friend Kazue (一恵) whom I met at the Multi Media Center when I was studying Japanese language. I am reminded of the unique phone services from NTT Docomo Japan website and they inspire me to learn about their telecommunications services. AT&T should include a calling feature to allow blocking all telephone calls not listed in the personal phone lists of their customers. This feature is available in Skype making telecommunication more efficient without receiving unwanted telemarketing calls.

Investors And Gallery Building Project

I often scout talented artist from Academy Of Art University. I am seeking investors to fund my gallery show of talented artists from Academy Of Art University for a New Year Gallery Show in Silicon Valley. If you often read please send your project proposal to alan[at] with subject Gallery Show. I am inspired by Kite Bricks Ltd. robotic building construction from the YouTube video and thought maybe I should open an art gallery.

Almost Year 2015

The Christmas holiday shopping season is 6 months from today. I am unemployed and learning web development from this month. I am planning on buying a new laptop computer instead of a tablet. I have not received any PayPal monetary gifts from from Internet guests. I will be buying monetary gift cards for myself for making online payments and for shopping at shopping malls instead of using paper currency and coins. I discarded my Year 2010 old wallet and replaced it with a aluminium card case. I intended on buying a $300 Prada wallet. I am looking for non-leather wallets and they are not popular this year in haute couture. I am often inspired to emulate philosophy, fashion and design from Japan. I imagine Tokyo to be from thousands of years into the future. My philosophy is inspired from the modern innovation and futuristic styling that you may find prevalent in Marunouchi, Ginza and Midtown in Tokyo, Japan.

Web Surfing

I decided to use the Internet for learning web development. I have reduced my Internet time to 2 hours per day. My goal is 1 hour per month. I continue to use my standard non-smart phone by Sony Ericsson. I cannot find any reason why a smart phone or apps are a necessity. The private encrypted BlackPhone will be my future phone next year. A tablet is also an unnecessary expenditure for my leisure time. My goal is to maximize my efficiency.